iiM Instructors and Trainers

iiM One-day Course on Instructors Training.


All applicants who wish to be considered to be on the Panel of iiM Instructors are required to attend a one-day course on Instructors Training unless they are exempted.


This course combines both theory and practice in training participants to be effective instructors. Teaching skills are taught including the various methods and forms of instruction and learning. The use of role plays is illustrated to demonstrate its importance in mediation training.

Outline of Course:

  • Understand the entire training process.
  • Acquire skills and techniques in the design of delivery and presentation of the materials.
  • Understand the training aids and devices that would facilitate an attractive presentation.
  • Appreciate the important content of mediation that should be delivered to the trainees.
  • Understand the best way of imparting mediation skills.

Learning Objective:

The purpose is to convey to the participants on the important aspects of mediation training that need to be conveyed to the trainees attending the mediation workshops or seminars.

Learning Outcome:

Participants should acquire the skills in teaching and be confident in making an attractive presentation to the audience and to engage the audience.


A test will be conducted for each participant who will be asked to make a short 15-min presentation of a topic of their choice. Based on their presentation they will be assessed whether they have the potential to serve on iiM’s panel of instructors.


$400 per participant which includes the test fees. Fees include tea break and course materials.


Highly experienced and qualified mediators from iiM.