The International Institute of Mediators (Singapore) Limited, known as iiM in short, was established as a result of the commitment and desire of a group of founding members who are all accomplished professional mediators to develop and promote the mediation profession on a global basis.

As a non profit and an inclusive organisation, iiM aims to foster and promote high standards of practice among community mediators and mediators across all fields worldwide.


Developing mediation and mediation practice worldwide.


To foster a harmonious global environment through mediation and development of the mediation profession through education, training, research and best practices.


  • To develop and enhance the mediation and related dispute resolution profession.
  • To promote best mediation practices, encourage robust and consistent standards, support and encourage higher education and promote lifelong learning among Members in the mediation and related dispute resolution profession generally.
  • To undertake research and development, conduct educational and training courses, workshops etc and publish books, journals etc and carry out other relevant activities for the benefit of the profession.
  • To work with and support other international and national mediation organisations.