Mediation Fees

Quantum of Claim/Assets Mediation Fees (excluding GST) per party per day
Up to $20,000 $150
Above $20,000 to $60,000 $250
Above $60,000 to $250k $500
Above $250k to $1m $1,000
Above $1m to $5m $3,500
Above $5m to $10m $5,000
Above $10m Price on asking

(a) Up to $3 million - $1,200 per party
(b) $3 million and above  - $1,800 per party

1. The fees payable by parties to iiM shall be :-

Non-refundable administration fee of $100 payable at the time the Application is submitted to iiM by the applicant.

Mediation fess shall be as provided herein.

If required by parties, charges for the following shall be payable by parties to the mediation in equal proportion: -

        (The charges will be advised on application)

        Rental / use of premises

        Food and beverages for lunch and refreshments ( Max of 2 representatives per party).

2. Mediation fees for Civil matters (excluding matrimonial matter & family dispute), for a 2 party mediation shall be:- Refer to the above table.

3. The above Civil matters shall include all civil disputes including community issues.

4. In matrimonial matters, the quantum of assets shall be the higher amount or value as declared by the respective parties. The mediation fees shall be:- Refer to the above table.

5. In respect of family disputes, which include any maintenance of parent, the mediation fees shall be: - Refer to the above table.

6. If there are more than 2 parties for the mediation, the mediation fees will be advised by iiM on a case by case basis and its complexity.

7. If parties select a specific mediator, the above rate shall not apply and parties shall pay the commercial rate, to be advised by iiM.

8. The above fees shall be for a 6 hours mediation session. Any extended time needed beyond the 6 hours shall be chargeable by each party at the rate of $100 for each block of 1 hour or part thereof. The parties shall also pay for any additional charges for rental / use of premises to be advised.

9. Parties can make own arrangement with respect to premises, food and refreshment and no such charges shall be payable to iiM.

10. The mediation fees and charges shall be payable within 14 days of submission for mediation to iiM. iiM reserves the total discretion and right to postpone the mediation until full payment of mediation fees and charges are made by all parties.

11. Notice to cancel mediation shall be given to iiM not later than 4 clear working days before the date of mediation, failing which the parties shall bear 50% of the mediation fees.

12. The above fees and charges are subject to change from time to time as updated in iiM’s website.